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Fighting for freedom and life not only for Ukraine, but for the world

There is a war in Ukraine. This is not just a war against the aggressor who came to our land, against Russia. This is a real patriotic war, which demonstrates the real spirit and unity of Ukrainians. Not only the military rebelled against the enemy, thousands of volunteers joined the Armed Forces and the Defense Forces; Thousands of Ukrainians have become volunteers - they take people out of the shelling, bake and deliver bread, medicine and food. The people themselves rallied in neighborhoods, village associations, rallied on the principle of neighborhoods, coordinate assistance to each other, protect communities from saboteurs and looters, help the Armed Forces. By the way, there are very few looters - to stop them, even the police are not needed, the citizens catch them themselves. Thousands of Ukrainians are fighting at the information front, making sure people around the world know the truth.

The Kremlin did not expect such a meeting. And the question is not even in the flowers that people are supposed to meet the aggressor's tanks. The question is in the colossal unity of the nation, when east and west, north and south are really together. Even foreign intelligence believed that Kyiv and Ukraine would fall on the third day of war but we stayed for two weeks and would definitely win, there is no doubt. Neither in Ukraine nor in the West.

And this is because of the unity around values. This is not a war for territory or a political course. This is a war for worldview. Ukraine is fighting for freedom, civil rights, democracy, human and his life as the highest value on earth. On the other hand, tyranny, violence, contempt for ordinary people, misinformation. If Ukraine wins, it will become clear that civil society is the most correct form of human existence. If Russia - the countries-concentration camps get the right to exist.

That is why it is not only our war, although Ukraine is the one who pays the highest price - the life and blood of our citizens. In Mariupol alone, surrounded by the occupiers, more than 1,300 civilians have died, and people are dying in Kharkiv, Sumy, Kyiv, and Okhtyrka - dozens of cities and hundreds of settlements bombed by the enemy. During the first week of the war, 38 children died, we do not yet know all the statistics. Understand the difference: the enemy is afraid of direct confrontation with the military because they are ready to repel, the enemy kills and terrorizes civilians - bombed maternity hospital in Mariupol, hospitals in Kyiv and Kharkiv, uptowns, kindergartens, schools. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians now know how it is like to lose their homes and relatives, how to live during the bombing – we all know – the team of Smart Media NGO from Kharkiv, our friends and partners - eastern Ukraine, Donbas, Sumy, Kyiv. Almost 2 million of people have temporarily lost their homes, and some will have nowhere to go, because their homes have been bombed.

Meanwhile, Ukrainians are not losing their humanity, trying to evacuate even animals, helping people who have no relatives, treating more than 2,000 prisoners with dignity. At the same time, prisoners admit that they were ordered to shoot at civilians and bomb them. Their state refuses to even take the corpses of the dead and inform mothers about the death of their sons. Yes, that's why this is a war for worldview, for humanity against tyranny.

That is why Ukraine desperately needs the support of Western countries - those who have the same, common values. We need both financial assistance and legal, social assistance. After the victory, we will all need to review the effectiveness of international institutions, as happened with the League of Nations.

In Ukraine, on the other hand, we need to build a society in accordance with the values around which we are now united - around freedom, truth, and respect for human beings. Maybe we waited a long time, so now we pay such a price.

We turned a blind eye to corruption, inertia in advancing reforms, and the absence of an incorruptible judiciary and an independent political system. But no matter how difficult it is now, we must not lose the inspiration that people have, and with the same zeal to rebuild the country, choose leaders of those who proved themselves in difficult times and carry out the necessary reforms, make them part of every Ukrainian. And yes, we will also need help with that. But Ukrainians fought for their right to happiness, their right to be part of the civilized world - they defended it. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes! Victory is behind us, and the Russian ship, well, you know.

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